John Caine
John Caine

John was born in North Yorkshire and has lived and worked in various parts of the world.
John is a qualified electronics engineer and computer programmer and loves nothing more getting his tools out and poking around inside something technical.
His love of music is something that probably began when listening to his brothers rock records and has led to a large and very eclectic collection of tunes!
In his spare time (what’s that?) John also loves to get down and dirty, that is down underground as he’s a keen potholer and climber, in fact anything slightly dangerous seems like a good ideal, he finds that kind of activity helps to burn of the calories as he’s a bit of a foodie too.

Ray Rose
Ray Rose

Birkenhead-born Ray Rose has been in radio since 1985 and quite understandably has many memories and experiences under his belt from his time in the business. “In terms of laughs, one that comes to mind was at a radio station launch when a giant inflatable ghetto blaster, developed a puncture, broke free, rolled down a road, flattened a lollipop lady and eventually came to a rest on a railway line.”
Ray, or Raymondo as he’s known to his mates, has had a colourful and varied career, having previously worked as a telecomms technician, mechanic, tyre fitter, car wash operator and a Hi-Fi developer and manufacturer!
In his spare time, Ray still develops and has an interest in loudspeakers and audio in general. He enjoys the local music scene and tries to see as much live music as he can.

Nick Wright
Nick Wright

I have been working in this amazing Industry for 25 years now although it still only seems like yesterday when I started. I remind myself most days of just how long that is when I play a song and then mention the year it was released. Radio is one of those industries that is ever changing, but is always fun and of course should be entertaining. Over the years I’ve seen many changes including hundreds of new stations, bringing with them more listener choice. It seems whatever you want these days you can find somewhere on the dial or on line.
I was very proud of my time with the Magic Radio Network where I spent many happy years playing “Just Great Songs”. We played music from the last 45 years including some of the best current music as well. It’s was fun and entertaining with a very loyal audience. We played those songs that our audience grew up with, but they were also songs that have stood the test of time and songs that a younger audience knew through TV ads, movie soundtracks and of course their parents!

Andy Siddell
Andy Siddell

Andy’s love of radio started back in the summer of 1975 when commercial radio first launched in his home town of Nottingham, England. He soon made friends with dee jays that worked at the radio station and his heart was set on becoming a radio announcer. With only a small number of radio stations around at that time Andy found it almost impossible to break into this line of work.
So for the next decade he worked in a few different fields. From the textile industry to property management accounting Andy moved around the UK and ended up in London in the mid-eighties.
He never gave up his ambition of working in radio and totally by accident he one day met a man who would help him realize his dream.
Andy did some hospital radio and night club dee jaying before landing his first radio job on Radio Nova in 1988. Six months later he was offered his first full-time job in commercial radio at Radio Aire in Leeds, West Yorkshire. He Started on the overnight programs and after covering all of the different programs when the other presenters were off he soon become a daytime favourite with an afternoon program of his own. Andy made Leeds his new home in November 1988.
In 1990 Radio Aire split their AM & FM frequencies and Magic 828 was born on July 17th. Andy worked for Magic 828 as a presenter and head of music until 2006 when he was moved to Newcastle upon Tyne and the Metro Radio building, the home of the Magic Network, where Andy presented the networked afternoon show and 80’s Magic at the weekend. Andy was also head of music for the network and was responsible for may aspects of the station including the websites. After working for the same radio group for 21 years Andy decided to hang up his headphones and move to Canada in 2009.
As well as radio Andy also worked for one of the TV networks in the UK doing voice-overs between programs. The radio and TV stations were next door to one another and one day whilst he was talking to one of the announcers he said “I’d love to introduce Coronation Street on the TV”
After a couple of phone calls to the controller of the TV station Andy was invited in for a chat which led to him working as a TV announcer for almost 7 years. The TV Company was Granada TV; the one that produces Coronation Street, which meant that Andy not only got to introduce his favourite TV show he also got to visit the actual street and film set and has also met a number of the characters.
By 2009, when Andy decided to emigrate to Canada, his afternoon radio program was being broadcast by no less than eight radio stations covering the north of England from Sheffield in South Yorkshire to Leeds in West Yorkshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Stockton-on-Tees and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
After arriving in Canada he decided to take a year out but his love for being on the radio didn’t fade and after exploring the various radio stations in the area he joined 95.5 Hits FM in Belleville, Ontario.
Because there aren’t any good oldies stations in the area where he lives Andy loves keeping his hand in by doing shows for various on-line radio stations from his home studio and is delighted to have been asked to be part of Just Great Songs. Andy said” it’s just great to work with some of my old colleagues from the UK again, Nick Wright, Ray Rose and John Caine.

You can drop Andy a line by email at

Ian Roberts
Ian Roberts

I grew up in South Manchester and started playing records at Baguley Hall youth Club(Soul Jazz Funk imports from the USA) – It’s gone now mind, new houses built where the School hall was.Then started taking bookings for weddings, 21st’s & all types of mobile discos in and around greater Manchester. 

After a few years at this I made the decision to follow my dream of trying to become a radio presenter, and got volunteer work @  Wythenshawe FAB Hospital Radio.

Since then I have been very lucky to have presented on various Radio Stations in the North of England from Preston,Liverpool,Leeds,Hull,BBC Radio Manchester,Community radio & as breakfast host on the station I grew up listening to in Greater Manchester “Piccadilly Magic 1152”.

Like many presenters I love Radio, and I think you can’t beat a “Great Song”…